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August 23
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A little something by Ricchin A little something by Ricchin
...for you :)
Because without you, being in this community wouldn't be as much fun :) Thanks for that ^^

So. Ferret for :iconnivailis: (after I saw some cute pictures I coudn't resist drawing one in a hoddie :la:)
Kittens for awesome :iconpanna-cotta: because. KITTIES. Woohooooo! 
For :iconmonochromera: her chara Koroko
Fanart of Morrien for :iconamadoodles:
Picture of Dżina for her owner, :iconihasia:
Piorun for :iconthe-black-panther:, owned by her
And for :iconfiniens: fanart of Shuruq (beacause I always wanted to draw her :])

Hope you all like them ^^


Attention! Please do not copy, steal, claim as yours, trace, use or edit my work without my written permission, unless stated otherwise. Thank you!

Artwork © Ricchin
Characters belong to their respective owners

Please Respect Copyright Laws by MarinaNeira
Reply Comments Stamp by KelpyKrad

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Ihasia Featured By Owner 6 hours ago
Agu ja sie normalnie teraz poryczalam w bibliotece ze wzruszenia. Widzialam te szkice sporo wczesniej na telefonie(nie udalo mi sie nawet powiekszyc, tylko fav kliknelam i wifi siadlo) a teraz przeskrollowalam i patrze a tu Dzina. No jak nic moje psisko, ktore mam na tapecie w komorce a marze o dotknieciu jej miekkiego futerka. I faktycznie, z podpisu widze ze to ona. Dziekuje. Jestes geniuszem :)
Amadoodles Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
AWW THANK YOU SO MUCH! Morrien looks amazing, I love how you drew his mane, its so flowy, and he looks like hes really going fast! I'm really happy that you'd draw him!

The others also look amazing! I love all of those little ferrety feet, and the bottom two pictures are GORGEOUS!
Ricchin Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And I'm so happy that you like it! <3
Thank you, hon :3
panna-cotta Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
O matko, ja to już wcześniej widziałam, ale nie mogłam z ekscytacji i wzruszenia nic napisać zupełnie. Dzięki, dzięki, jesteś strasznie kochana i utalentowana :iconspazhugplz: Nie mogę się napatrzeć na te wszystkie rysunki - każdy jest totalnie Twój i ma taki personal touch od Ciebie, a jednocześnie tam gdzie rysowałaś czyjeś OC totalnie rozpoznaję styl i osobowość nadaną przez autora. Dwa ostatnie szczególnie sprawiają takie wrażenie (pewnie dlatego, że te OC już widziałam wcześniej, w sumie logiczne).
A kotki są takie kochane! Ten po lewej mi się bardzo kojarzy z tym kotem, którego mam w avatarze i ma piękny uśmiech i spojrzenie, od którego nie da się oderwać oczu; a drugi ma cudne futerko i głowę w takim stylu, jaki mi się z Tobą bardzo kojarzy (i z Lacem). I są aż dwa ^^
Cudnie to wszystko zrobiłaś i w ogóle to takie miłe, że mi się od razu przyjemnie robi jak tylko patrzę choćby na miniaturkę ^^
Dzięki jeszcze raz :huggle:
Ricchin Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Proszę bardzo! <3 Cieszę się, że mogłam Ci sprawić przyjemność ^^ Mnie tez to wtedy uszczęśliwia :)
Naprawdę bardzo się przy tych wszystkich rysunkach starałam, także dziekuję :hug:
 A kotki są znajome, fakt, ten po lewej to ten z avatara (nawet wzorowałam pyszczek na Twoim zdjęciu ^^) a ten po prawej to chocolate coffe cat ^^ bez kolorów tak bardzo nie widać, ale zmieniłam zdanie później i zostawiłam białe szkice bo fajniej jakoś
panna-cotta Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
No to tak jak myślałam :) Świetnie uchwyciłaś podobieństwo, nawet bez kolorów. Naprawdę podziwiam ^^ 
Ricchin Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dzięki xD
monochromera Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014
gosh... so I've been procrastinating an awful lot on commenting on this... I'm not always the best at expressing my happiness over art without massive, spazztic gibbrish; and you certainly deserve better than that when it comes to comments- so yes, after much excuse and without further ado; 
Let me first start off by saying you have an incredible grasp on different anatomies, it's just beyond my comprehension. whether it be living or fantasy creatures, you have a talent for getting them all perfect! there aren't many artists I can think of with skills nearly as good as yours, anatomy or otherwise c:
also, I think it goes without saying, but I'm beyond honored to receive artwork from you. when I first saw this I threw a pretty big fit (if that's the right word? it was a positive fit lol) of squealing and hyperventilating u_u shamelessly so. now I gotta pretend I'm all cool and composed while I write because I'm cool like that. internally I'm still screaming haha but honest to goodness, I can't put into words just how goshdang happy this made me... it just... nope. no proper words. none. also; koroko looks absolutely fantastic in your style, I'm a step away from tears ;w; my little bby looks so much cooler here than I could ever draw him, gosh... 
also also- I cannot get over how ridiculously awesome the fur is on all these creatures *minus the dragon who's scaly* it's all so pretty, my gosh ;A; any length of fur you can draw brilliantly.... teach me your magic and skills 3: I don't even understand how it's possible
oh oh, and the difference in poses is fantastic as well! I really love how they're all believable poses; I can totally see each of the animals/creatures in them, not a one contorted out of shape or posed oddly (which I myself and many artists are prone to doing sometimes) 
and might I also add the way you did the colored texture behind the images in monochrome is really neat! it both adds a splash of color while making the images in front really stand out!
gosh gosh gosh
you honestly have such a wonderful style 
and are such a wonderful person
and without a shadow of a doubt, this community is made so much more wonderful thanks to you c:
Ricchin Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg, the way you seem to make the longest commentary never cease to amaze me Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] 
Really, after reading that time and time again I'm sooo sobbing my heart out because it's so kind and nice and all~
You're truly an awesome friend and you always think so highly of me I could cry ;w; I didn't feel good for a few days, but I totally do now!! :3
It was an absolute pleasure to draw for you, but I really had a problem deciding which one of your wonderful characters to draw, there's so many of them Blush and I saw new references and stuff and they're so awesome and you drew lundvar and he's so pretty. did you made the one on the front page? but eventually I decided that I like this picture… so much that I need to draw Koroko! And charas always look the best drawn by their owner because they're drawn with much love and they're theirs after all, so don't say otherwise~ And you have so many fun and pretty designs that I have to draw some of them someday~ it would be a crime not to do so
And really, there's not much behind the drawing fur theory, but the length of lines, I think. Shorter fur tends to clump in tufts and stand more against gravity than the longer fur because it weights less. And that's all really. And I don't know why you ask coz I always complimented your way of fur painting xD it's really pretty! Don't you say no.
I draw weird poses a lot too, but I guess I don't post it so much :P and for most of those above I used references so.. xD

So thank you so much for your words, hon! My day is so much brighter now :happybounce: Really, anymore and I will seriously cry my eyes out from happiness xD And you really praise me too much Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1]  Thank you~! :hug:
monochromera Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014
wahhh :iconhe-blushplz: I try~! 
it's my goal to make magical comments for magical artworks haha
I'm so so very happy it was able to make your day better c: and if you're ever not feeling well, you're welcome to talk to me :c I'll gladly listen to you, should you ever need someone to talk to

what? so many of them? I only have like 80.... I jest~  but gosh, I'm amazed that you decided on one XD and that you'd actually draw them omg
you think so? I don't suppose I'd ever really thought of it like that but I do know that a lot of love goes into drawing my babies when I do~
and gosh you are so smart 0: that helps a lot, thank you! (I'd never taken the gravity into consideration... I think that might have something to do with why I have trouble with long hair!)

dawwww you're welcome! I'm just happy if you're happy X3
and nope, not nearly enough praise! *flies off to conjure more comments*
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